10 Best Utility Apps for your iPad


Facebook for iPad

The official iPad app, refreshed for iOS 6, featuring an excellent layout reminiscent of the Facebook website, lets you access friend lists, subscribers, and subscriptions, as well as upload photos, send messages, and more.


Google+ for iPad

The new Google+ app for iPad is absolutely fantastic looking, sporting a wonderful and clear design with large photos and video feeds. Ease to navigate and in my humble opinion looks much better than Facebook app.

Air Display 1.2

Air Display for iPad

$9.99 A second monitor can be a boon to productivity, as you can keep Outlook, Twitter, or other potentially distracting work element on a second screen. That's where Avatron's Air Display comes in: It turns your iPad into a wireless second LCD monitor for your Mac or PC

Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation for iPad

Featuring very accurate voice transcription and the ability to share messages via e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter, Naunce's dictation app is both fun to use and immensely helpful—as long as you're connected to the Web.


Dropbox for iPad

Simple to use and extremely useful, Dropbox for iPad will keep all of your files in step, but the lack of built in file editing, and other limitations, may prove irritating.

iThoughts HD

iThoughts HD for iPad

$9.99 iThoughts is a mind-mapping tool that uses colorful graphics to lets users brainstorm, set goals, take meeting notes, and more. Even better, you’re not locked within its ecosystem; there are plenty of import and export options that make the app compatible with Freemind, Novamind, and other mind-mapping software.

iWork for iPad

iWork for iPad

$9.99 each for Keynote for iPad, Numbers for iPad, and Pages for iPad
iWork is an impressive debut for a tablet-based application suite, and one of the best arguments for getting an iPad.


OfficeTime for iPad

OfficeTime, which records billable hours as you work and generates invoices and reports based on that data, is a small business owner's best friend, because it's inexpensive, highly useful, and downright practical. Every small business owner needs an app this good.


SugarSync for iPad

If you use SugarSync's excellent cloud-based file syncing service, adding the SugarSync iPad app to your tablet is a no-brainer. It could use a search tool, but SugarSync remains a great file-syncing choice for anyone who wants simple setup, a preserved folder structure, and an intelligent interface.


500px for iPad

500px' official iPad app brings some of the Web's best and most interesting photos to your iDevice. You can filter by categories, browse by Editors' Choice, Popular, Upcoming, and Fresh photo streams, and even create personalized slideshows.

Google Street View*
Well, it is not an app, rather, it is a site bit you can view it in Safari without a problem because it does not require Flash. Google Street View for iPad (Safari)

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