The Star Power of Melanie Stormm

Mix the electric quality and visceral of voice of Bjork with Erykah Badu and Karen O and you have something close to what Melanie Stormm sounds like. But the best description of Melanie Stormm's sound is...Melanie Stormm sounds like Melanie Stormm.  While other female singers are either selling their souls for pop, or trying to sound fierce or sexy or beautiful, Melanie Stormm is busy creating her own universe.  She has the uncanny ability of making everyone else look contrived.

Her live performances have been described as exciting, joyful, sexy, and her genre has hardly ever mattered.  The reality of it is when you hear Melanie's listen to it.

Sometimes angelic, sometimes sultry, sometimes fierce, compulsive and demonic, Melanie has come to be known for bringing more to a song than most artists.  Vocally, she's a powerhouse with a massive range.  Her music has groove and cadence that hails from hip hop, soul, jazz and delta blues , the natural kind that can not be learned, her voice passes from breathtakingly sweet, to operatic, wailing, and then with all the rugged, real dirtiness of rock and roll and the plaintive simplicity of Americana. The Canny Shark writes "she has a voice that melts between sultry and breathy wonderment...", London McDaniel of Blue Sky Mission Club quotes "...she has one genre; and that is Greatness."

Melanie's first album "The Beginning" is set for release by, "RetroVillian," this coming year, which includes an international cast of talent. "The Beginning", is a collaboration with the omnivorously talented London McDaniels & "The Villianaires."

Stormms' first solo release, promises to be packed with highly, original urban grooves, the power of rock and roll and--like anything Melanie touches--breath taking new ideas.


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Copyright by Melanie Stormm


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