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Search Engine Optimization 
So, you have launched a new Joomla website. You have customized or designed an appealing template and added high quality and creative content to it. Now, you are ready to swing open your online store to hordes of customers out there, which are simply waiting to hurl their credit cards at you and purchase your web development solution. Wait! One problem waits in your way. If you have chosen Joomla as your CMS, odds are high that your visitors might not be able to find your website on the World Wide Web at the first place.  Joomla is not very search engine friendly as compared to other CMS. In fact, you have to go through an entire process of optimization, before your Joomla site performs satisfactorily in terms of on-site SEO factors. This post explores a few guidelines that ensure that your Joomla site competes admirably in SE rankings. Let’s take a look.
  1. Do Your Keyword Research in Advance:
    It is best to research well before you start optimizing your site for particular keyword phrases. It is important to have an idea of what people are searching over the net. To do so, you can take help of Google Adwords keyword tool or other third party tools. 
  2. Use Google Webmaster Tools:
    Google Webmaster offers tools that aid you in improving and optimizing your Joomla website. These tools help you to locate any page on your website where you may not have included title or description by mistake. Furthermore, you can test your robots.txt files, diagnose your Meta tags, detect duplicate title and Meta tags and add XML sitemap to your site using Webmaster tools. 
  3. Anchor Texts Need Your Attention:
    Linking definitely helps but random linking does more bad than good to your site’s SE rankings. To harness a link to its maximum potential, it is essential to pay attention on anchor text. For instance, on a website belonging to a mobile development company a link saying ‘a product development’ will be less impactful than a link saying ‘iPhone development.’ The phrase on which you will provide the link will be the phrase which Google will promote and improve the ranking for. 
  4. Don’t Over Do the Keywords:
    It is a well-perceived fact amongst most web-masters that it is important to use a targeted keyword multiple times in the content, to stand the stiff competition for positions on the search engines.  However, you need not over do this. The content should be readable and user-centric, rather than being simply stuffed with keywords to keep search engines happy. It is annoying for the readers and can turn the tables against you by getting you excluded from the SERP. To analyze your content for keyword usage, you can use third party tools such as Scribe SEO for Joomla, which recalls you of all the SEO rules that impact your Joomla website. 
  5. Title Tag is Pivotal:
    Title Tag is the first thing that Google notices in your website, so pay special heed while designing one. It refers to the clickable text that shows up in the SERP for your website. Ensure that all your essential keywords are included in the Title Tag. Those not being possible, include at least one main keyword. You can exclude the name of the site from the Title, as it already appears in the URL and might dilute the uniqueness of the Title Tag. 
SEO is Joomla can be a tedious job especially if you have a large website. Hopefully, keeping the aforementioned tips in mind will enable you to optimize your Joomla site for better rankings on major search engines.

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Amy Patrix is a developer at mobile development company. Xicom is a CMMI Level-3  offshore web development company which provides web development solutions to IT world.


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