SMS text messaging - a gold mine for exploitation says E. Snowden

Only a few hours before President Barack Obama is expected to announce changes regarding the NSA surveillance program, a new documents by Snowden were published that show once again the enormous magnitude of the espionage activities of the U.S. National Security Agency. 

The documents revealed that the NSA collects hundreds of millions of text messages every day. Research on this issue was conducted by the British newspaper The Guardian, along with Channel 4 , and it was revealed that the NSA works closely with the British spy agency, GCHQ. Edward Snowden served these key documents to the media as usual. The documents reveal that the NSA collects nearly 200 million text messages every day, from around the world. 

Furthermore, the data - collected from the messages - in some cases is used for further extraction of data such as location, contacts list, and even financial details. The Guardian mentions one special program, titled "Dishfire" which task is to collect "everything that can be collected." This is immediately followed by “Prefer” which does the “automatic data analysis." 
Spying is not specifically targeted, which means that the data collected is from potentially millions of innocent people," says Channel 4. Furthermore, the Guardian states that the NSA collected "dirty data" on people who are not under any suspicion of illegal activity. These new programs documented and collected a lot more than just text messages, including information about missed calls, roaming services – i.e. NSA knows when an individual crosses the state/country border, etc. 

The key document, submitted to the media by Snowden's, is aptly titled "SMS text messaging - a gold mine for exploitation." Obama announced some "cosmetic" changes in the work of the NSA, however, Snowden obviously possesses more documents which could disclose Obama’s address as nothing more than a clever PR job.


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